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Planet Redline


This elliptical galaxy cluster is a perfect setting for families. It most recently served as a summer home for Darth Vader before his retirement. Its unique bi-polar gravitational pull helps maintain its arrangement year 'round. A light hydrogen vapor ring burns continuously, providing the perfect backdrop for romantic vacations.

Offered exclusively at 550 trillion Cobol's

Fiber Optic Blue


For those with a large family, or if you are someone that appreciates large spaces, this might be the galaxy for you. Trematic vaporization provides a perpetual blue light that accentuates this galaxies strata and expansive size. 120 independent planets orbit in a uniform gravitational pull. Spread out over any number of planets, most with hydrogen/carbon based life elements. This is one galaxy with no shortage of storage.

Offered exclusively at 450 trillion Cobol's

The Unkown


This galaxy is perfect for singles and socialites. Its unique features include an extreme gravity core that pulls most free objects within 100,000 miles. That feature alone means neighbors and travelers are sure to stop by, making this the perfect spot for those that live to entertain. For adventure seekers the outermost planets in this galaxy are extremely unstable. Core implosions and surface shifts abound, as well as tidal anomalies. The innermost planets provide state of the art security with gravity in excess of 1.22 KG's.

Offered excusively at 425 trillion Cobol's


Hurricane Valley


This distant galaxy is perfect for those that require a remote ( 11.2 million light years) location for weekend getaways, and provides three season living at its finest. Often referred to as the" Aspen of Planets," this galaxy recently became available due to a celebrity divorce. Amenities include sub-terranean steam springs, fourteen hours of sunlight per day, and seasonal tides that are perfect for surfing. Nebulous clouds surround the outer perimeter, as seen in this early spring photo.

Offered exclusively at 780 trillion Cobol's

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