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Creating and Using Images

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This is the previous generation BMW M3. This model is no longer manufactured. BMW now has a new generation of 3-series cars. BMW 328ci Front View

This is a front view of BMW's new 328ci. This model has projector beam hologen headlamps and builtin fog lamps. The lower air damn has been redesigned to allow bweet air flow to the radiator for better engine cooling. BMW 328ci Side View

This is a side view of BMW's new 328ci. You can see the newly designed 16" alloy wheels. Also note the body color side view mirrors and door handles. All glass is flush fitting for less wind noise and drag. BMW 328ci Back View

This is a back view of BMW's new 328ci. A new look to the traditional style. The redesigned lower apron gives a more sporty look than last years model.

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