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   System Diagram
JVC JX-S100 Audio Video Selector Optimus SCT-36 Dual Cassette Deck Sony SDP-E800 Digital Surround Processor Sony CDP-XE500 CD Player Sony DVP-S330 DVD Player Alesis 3630 Compressor Limiter dbX 120XP Subharmonic Synthesiszer biamp Channel Equalizer BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer dbX 1066 Compressor Limiter Peavey Q231FX 31-band EQ with FLS Peavey CS800 Power Amp Peavey GPS 3500 Power Amp Peavey GPS 1500 Power Amp Peavey 2000 Power Amp The first question people always ask me when they find out how much sound equipment I have is, ďWhy?? Why do you have all this equipment?Ē Well, Iím not a DJ. I donít own a dance club or a bar or anything. Itís basically just a hobby. Some people collect stamps or coins, I like sound equipment. Thatís all there is to it really. It all started when my basic home stereo system just didnít seem to sound as good as I wanted it to, at the volume levels that I liked to listen to it at. Well after a little research I quickly discovered that distortion is usually caused when people try to drive their stereo system louder than it was designed for. In other words the system doesnít have enough power to produce the volume levels they are trying to achieve. So the obvious answer was (no, not turn it down) to buy a more powerful amplifier. So I went down to the local music store that sold professional audio equipment and bought the biggest amp they had in stock. I figured 2000 watts RMS should do it. Needless to say that was a major improvement over the 100 watts that my old home stereo receiver produced. Distortion was a thing of the past, but now the problem seemed to be I had too much power and the speakers were overheating. So back to the music store for a set of professional speakers that could handle the power produced by the professional amplifier I had bought. Well one thing led to another and I seemed to develop this unquenchable thirst to make my sound system as loud as possible while still maintaining the highest level of sound quality. So countless trips to that local music store and about $13,050 later, I have everything you see here. ďIs 7800 watts of amplification enough?Ē Well........ Iím sure I can get it sounding better, all I need now is................